This is the home of my pictorial history of the Olympic Torch, and myself and those who were affected by it.

I carried the Torch for the Salt Lake City
Winter Olympics on January 15th, 2002 in Hollywood California.

People ask me how I got to Carry the Torch. There is a website called I am on Page one of the Men in California. Alot of the women on the website nominated me. Below is the nomination that was selected by Coca-Cola. So I guess I carried the Torch for Long Hair and Rock-n-Roll. What a Great Country we live in! GO USA!!!

~Here was my Nomination through Coca-Cola~
Victor has enhanced my life ( and many others ) through his dedication to the music world. He has kept us informed of our favorite bands, and made it possible for their music to be heard live in many countless situations. He has provided entertainment to the die-hard "Long Haired" group, has made our visits to locals fairs and merriments the best that can be imagined!!! Victor has displayed a wonderful sense of togetherness with the music makers and their fans...and I think he would show the same dedication in the proud carrying of our olympic torch!!!

If you have any pictures, make sure you email me please.

Here is what I have so far.


Click on a pic to enlarge it

Here I am at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Here I am at the Beginning at Vermont Chevrolet in Hollywood, California.
GM BuyPower Manager Tim Dumesnil (213) 383-5100

This is the Torch Experience Vehical with Michelle Kwan.

This is the Chevy Avalanche. It's a Bad Ass Truck/SUV! Change for a Dollar?
I wish Chevy would give me this one and let me be in one of their commercials.

I look so dapper.

This is the sleek Vette!

It's a Hot Ride, but I still like the Avalanche better.

Here's the back of the Torch Experience Vehical with Michelle Kwan.

This is the most beautiful Torch Bearer Ashley.

We were voted best Torch Bearer Couple.

She is beautiful.

Here we are with the Torch Experience Vehical with Michelle Kwan.

Here are the group shots with Martin Sheen

He plays President Jed Bartlett on NBC's West Wing. One of my Favorite Shows.

These were some very special people I have the priveledge to be with.

This is me with Martin and LA Galaxy Soccer Player Cobi Jones

Here we are with the Torch

Martin dons the Torch

Cobi myself and Ashley.

We were getting the Lowdown on how to carry. I volunteered.

This was the last shot before we boarded the shuttle.

This is Glenn Levant - President and Founding Director, D.A.R.E. America Worldwide and myself. He carried the Torch a few people before me. Thanks Glenn. You can go to the Official DARE Website at

Here is my Number 194 where they let me off the Shuttle.

This is Kevin Johnson announcing, "Dudes and Dudettes!!! Heeeeeeere's Victor the SnakeMannn!!!"
I asked him to say that!

Here I am with the Torch right before it get's lit. The man in the Helmet was Dave. He had just turned on my Torch.

Ok, here's what you have been waiting for, this is Ed Eynon and myself after he lit my Torch. We were Posing for a Kodak Moment.

I stopped to look at a babe from who came to cheer me on.

This is off the back of the Official Truck.


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