How I became

In the Beginning was Victor!

And Boy was he Cute!

Yes, in the Beginning I was Victor. My Mom said I was cute. I don't know, look at the lack of hair. Ok, well how did I become the SnakeMannn, hmmmmmm let's see. I have had Snakes, and Reptiles since I was 10. I was born in 1965 which is also the Year of the Snake.  I have 1 snake now. I like snakes. There are other snakemen out there, but to differentiate myself from the rest, I became VICTOR THE SNAKEMANNN!!! Have fun.

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Here is the Hospital at
Camp LeJuene NC

There I am,
look in the belly

My very first pic,
1 day old.

I'm so cute!!!

This was my cat Boots.

Well maybe I was
his Baby, Victor

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Here is my first Nude Pic

Yeah Baby!! Are you feelin a bit Randy?

What the hell am I wearin?

Again, what the hell am I wearin?

I was a cute baby!

If I do say so myself.

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Hey Kid, Look

Who me?

Ah, got me!!!

I'll just think about that one awhile!

My Great Uncle Victor.

Ewwwww My first Haircut!!! YUCK!!!

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I am a year old and the cat is still bigger than me.

New Years Baby 1967

Miami Florida

Almost famous at almost 2.

Such a Poser!!!

Hey, no pics!!!

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Again, What the Hell am I wearin?

My dad's boot and hat from Viet Nam

Damn, dem some big feet!!!

My first Snowman

First Black Eye

Still a poser!!!

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I swear I didn't do it!!!

My first Fish

My Fist Bike

My Fist Base Ball Uniform

Here is my team

I was the Catcher.

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My First Stitches.

Kindergarten Picture.

This is me at 10 in 1975

This is me at 11, Hair is getting longer

Me at 13 with my KISS shirt on

This is me with my cat Tiger. I was 15 here

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