The Adventures of
Victor and his dog Sofie!

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The next few pages are of my dog Sofie and myself.
Where will we turn up next?
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Hi, I'm Sofie the Wonder Dog!

Click on a pic to enlarge it

Here is one of the
passed upon costumes.
Scary huh?

Sofie scary on Halloween 2001
with Glow in the Dark Hair Spray
under a black light.

Here's another.
She's so cute isn't she?

Here she was in my
back yard in Salt Lake
City in the Snow.

She is really insane.
She loves the snow.

She just bounces around
in it and runs all over.

She loves chasing snow
balls. I love throwing
them at her

She looks and looks
for them

She's such a cute girl.

That's some deep snow.

Still looking for the

Here's my brother
Wayne's dog Sade.
She died in 2004.

When they played Sofie
took whatever toy is out
there and played keep
away from Sade.

It was the funniest thing
to see her take a toy away
from Sade, then bring it
back just to tease her..

Hours of fun when you
are bored

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Sofie wearing my 2002
Roots Winter Olympic
Beret in SLC.

We were there for
the 2002Olympics

Me and Sofie in my
backyard in Salt Lake City

I'm wearing my Roots
USA Winter Olympic
Baseball Cap.


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