GAZZARRI's Night at the
With your MC, Victor the SnakeMannn

Bill Gazzarri "The Godfather of Rock-n-Roll"

R.I.P. March 13th, 1991

Do you remember  the 60's? the 70's? the 80's? the Sunset Strip?
 Bill Gazzarri was a good friend and a great boss. Known as the Godfather of Rock and Roll, he was a staple on  L. A. airwaves with his commercials for years.  The Club on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood was home to bands like the Doors, the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield  and many others in the sixties. Van Halen got their start there in the 70's. I was there in the 80's when it catered to long hair headbanger bands.  Bill died in 91. I was even Married there in 92 right before it closed. But they tore down the building that Bill built after the Earthquake damaged the building beyond repair. So, a few people in Hollywood put together Gazzarri's night once a month with some kick ass bands and of course, The GAZZARRI's BIKINI CONTEST!!!! I was the MC and promoter for most of them, and here are some pictures of the Gazzarri's babes and myself in action.

Yes Victor, I wanna see Bikini's
Warning: Adult Content

Victor's Wedding at Gazzarri's

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